Habits of Success!

A few of my favorites habits of success from @PaulCBrunson [featuring our commentary]

  1. Invest in YOURSELF!
    1. You MUST believe in your own potential
  2. Be Curious… About EVERYTHING
    1. It’s amazing what you can learn by diving just one level deeper. Dots just start to connect
  3. Surround yourself with “better” people
    1. Surround yourself with the energy you want to transmit. A circle of people that can learn from one another is one of the most powerful tools to possess.
  4. Focus on experience vs. material possessions
    1. Make it a point to be able to truly enjoy life with the people that mean the most. 10 years from now people are going to remember the experience they had with you, not what watch or brand of shoe you were wearing. Be gracious, be kind, be a HUMAN BEING.
  5. Connect with people outside your community!
    1. This is a huge opportunity to grow! You will learn so much from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Whether the result is a good or bad experience, there is a lesson to be learned. You will grow no matter what.

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