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consumption chronicles: 2019, the YEAR OF BEING ON YOUR SHIT.
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consumption chronicles: ThE Sustainable entrepreneur

There’s an art to success. Sustaining success is an even more refined talent. A core theme that is important to master is making smart financial decisions. A lack of monetary resources is often identified as a barrier to taking one’s life or business to the next level; however, it’s not always as clear where one can trim the fat off their expenses in order to invest in other areas that will allow for needed development and growth. Through our new Consumption Chronicles Series, The Sustainable Entrepreneur, we share stories, tips, and other resources for the entrepreneur living in a changing + increasingly expensive world.

The Sustainable Entrepreneur: Bike Shares + Transportation Accessibility

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The Consumption Chronicles Docu-series magnifies the effort to achieve racial and social justice in the U.S. through the sustainable development of the adult-use cannabis industry, hemp, and drug policy reform. The docu-series not only changes the way people think and feel about cannabis, it focuses on being a dependable, multi-sector source for information that gets to the root cause of inequity in America; and provides solutions through the emerging cannabis industry.


Show people how their future generations will be positively impacted. That’s how you mobilize.


Are you a fraud, or nah? This applies to EVERY industry. Look at the companies you support. Do they support you, your community, anyone other than the 1%? Or are the people behind the steering wheel only chanting “Social Justice!” “Diversity!” and “Inclusion!” because it’s convenient? What does their board of directors look like? Is their employee base representative of their customer base? As a consumer, these are the questions it is imperative you make a priority. Companies, time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself the tough questions and take action. Or you can do nothing. The accountability is on both parties. Many of us have a CHOICE when it comes to where & how we want to buy food, clothes, and WEED. More importantly, MANY OF US DON’T. As legalization progresses, we will have more choices than ever. The next 10 years is going to be a wild wave to ride before the adult-use cannabis industry settles. As a company, set yourself up for success by investing in your people and processes, in addition to producing a top notch product or service. As a consumer, you hold the power to demand things be done differently. Here and NOW. Your voice, actions, and dollars MATTER. Never forget that.
Cannabis. Banking. Technology. Fashion. Food. Government. Real Estate. Law. Medicine. Fitness. No industry or sector is off limits.
Be a real ally. Make real change.


Understand the importance of Wrap-Around Services! As the recreational cannabis industry continues to expand across the nation, heavily on the basis of social justice, the time is NOW to ensure your community will have the support it needs to see an improvement in the quality of life for EVERYONE. Is there affordable and accessible housing? Grocery? prenatal services? Are there professional development services to help with resumes and interview skills? FINANCIAL LITERACY SERVICES??!! Is your credit on the up & up? Are you able to pay off those student loans? Contribute to your loved ones college fund? How are you and your community set up to play this game called life. How are your setting up your future generation for success. Wrap-Around Services are necessary resources to promote inclusivity & upward mobility.


Cannabis is an emerging market that WILL affect your city. Plan ahead.